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  • How do I sign up on workmob

    We ask everyone who signs up on Workmob for some information to be able to join their private employee social network and make the most out of workmob. The information we ask helps you create your networks, follow your favorite companies and coworkers or people you may know on workmob. This info also creates your home feed after your first log in to workmob.

    • Enter your full name and username.
    • Enter the city you live in.
    • Upload a profile picture.
    • Enter your company name to join its employee network.
    • Become a verified employee of your employee network.
    • Find your coworkers to connect.
    • Enter your college / school name to become a part of its student / alumni network.
    • Save and follow your favorite companies.
    • Follow people you may know or other interesting people on workmob.
    • Refer your friends to join workmob and earn amazon gift cards.
    • Start posting!

    Once you sign up for a workmob account we will send you an email to activate your email address with which you signed up on Workmob. To activate all you will have to do is to follow the instructions provided in the email.

  • How do I log into my workmob account?

  • How do I search for something on workmob?
    • Log in to your workmob account
    • Click or tap on the ‘search’ tool and enter your search query into the search box.
    • Filter your results by clicking Companies, People, Groups located at the top of your search results.

    Note: Currently you can only search for companies, people and groups on workmob.